Limo Service to Ottawa

From Montreal Airport to Ottawa, or just from the Montreal area to the Ottawa area, our clients enjoy their trip – in limousine – with an experienced driver. To receive a quote, to confirm availability, or to make a reservation, please call us now at (514) 708-1333. Or click here to receive a quote within an hour.

Charles Limousine is a family business which offers a fixed-price limousine service.

For your information and solely for your information, here are the durations of some of our routes:

  • From Montreal Airport to Château Montebello: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • From Montreal Airport to Ottawa (or vice-versa): 1 hour 50 minutes
  • From the Montreal Train Station to Ottawa (or vice-versa): 2 hours

Non exhaustive list of destinations serviced in the Ottawa area:

  • Gatineau
  • Hull
  • Etc…

For your information, though not exactly in the Ottawa area but rather half-way between Montreal and Ottawa, the Château Montebello is a destination to which we drive our clients.