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The COVID-19 pandemic had, and is still having, a significant impact on businesses across all industries, particularly those in the hospitality sector. The pandemic forced the hospitality industry to adapt to new and unprecedented challenges, including lockdowns, social distancing protocols, and changes in consumer behavior. The impact of the pandemic on the hospitality industry has been felt globally, and the industry has had to come up with different ways to stay afloat.

Despite the success we have seen over the last year with our Montreal to Mont Tremblant limousine offering, our Montreal airport limo service, and our more recent limousine service to Club Med Charlevoix, the height of the pandemic was precarious because many were hesitant to travel, given the risks. As a leading Montreal car service, Charles Limousine is one of the many businesses that had to adapt to the new reality brought about by the pandemic. 

Our owner, Georges Ahmarani, discussed how Charles Limousine navigated the unique challenges presented by the pandemic in a recent article. In the article, Ahmarani highlights the changes he made to his business model to ensure the safety of his clients while continuing to provide top-notch service.

Ahmarani’s experience is reflective of the larger hospitality industry, which has had to quickly adapt to new realities and constantly changing conditions. From restaurants and movie theaters to hotels and transportation services, businesses in the hospitality sector have had to pivot their operations and find new ways to generate revenue.

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"Since 2004, Charles Limousine is a leader of business travel in the Montreal region. We are one of the few services to offer long-distance transfers in the area."

Georges Ahmarani

President, Charles Limousine.

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