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You live on the island of Montreal or in the greater Montreal area. The day before your next trip, down south or elsewhere, you ask about your options for getting to Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Airport.

Five transfer options emerge:

  1. Use your vehicle and park it at the airport.
  2. Take a fixed-price transfer service.
  3. Take a taxi.
  4. Take public transport.
  5. Have someone you know drive you.

There are many reasons to not choose the last two options:

  • You just don’t have the spirit of a backpacker.
  • Your brother-in-law isn’t available to drive you.
  • Your flight leaves too early.
  • Your flight leaves too late.
  • You have too much baggage, etc, etc.

Here, we evaluate how good of a choice it is to go to the airport with your vehicle, as that is the alternative which seems to be the least costly option (if you’re not a backpacker):

Cost of parking from January 31st at 7:00am to February 7th at 4:00pm:


Cost of parking from January 31st at noon to February 14th at noon:


You see! Therefore, think carefully before choosing to not ask us for a quote (for a fixed-price transfer). As you can see below, the cost of parking is not trivial and that isn’t even taking into account the inconvenience of the winter:

  • If you stay in the economy lot, waiting for the shuttle out in the cold,
  • Removing the snow from your car when you get back,
  • Transporting your luggage from the parking to the terminal.

That’s without mentioning:

  • The cost of using your car,
  • The value of your time,
  • Drawing out the duration of your trip rather than being taken door-to-door,
  • $26.50 per week (or 44 for two weeks) for baggage lockers (for one person), for a coat and a pair of boots, etc, etc.

To summarize, for a couple with two children, for one week, indoor parking – without a reservation – will cost you $200, without taking into account $106 for a baggage locker. At that price, depending on where you live, it would be less expensive for a limousine to come and get you at your home (and store your boots and coats during your trip down south).

Whether you are leaving from Mont-Royal, Boucherville or Repentigny, a transfer – in a limousine at a fixed price – is an option to consider. In fact, its price is sometimes lower than that of a taxi.

And what about comfort?

  1. You will be picked up in quite a large vehicle:
    • The number of passengers doesn’t matter,
    • As long as you told us at the moment of making your reservation, the number of bags or snowboards doesn’t matter.
  2. We arrive on time to get you, or you don’t pay.
  3. Your driver is not on the phone while you are in his vehicle.
  4. You don’t need to keep your eye on the taximeter, as you know the price beforehand.

We welcome your questions and comments.


We would be happy to welcome you in a limousine for your next trip!

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