Trip from Montreal Airport to Quebec City

If you need to go from Montreal Airport to Quebec City or to Montreal Airport from Quebec City, you may want to give us a call at (514) 700-5261. If you fill out the form here, we’ll quickly send you a quote for having a private chauffeur drive you. As outlined in our guide about limo service to Quebec City, we’d love it if you give us a try, as we offer:

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Below, we list the typical trip lengths for the most common itineraries:

Of course, the length varies based on the time of the day or the time of the year. Even so, if you call us far enough in advance, we can discuss your constraints with you.  We’ll also make sure that you have plenty of extra time so you don’t miss your boat (if departing on a cruise from Quebec City) or your plane (if/when departing from Montreal).


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Alternatives to getting a limo to drive you from Montreal Airport to Quebec City: